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Cloud computing can be helpful, but be aware of the risks. Image by rate

Google Docs is convenient and easy to use – it also allows employees to share and edit files simultaneously as well as customizing permissions for each document or folder. On the other hand, the product support provided for these free cloud-based products is virtually non-existent, and the programs and features are quirky, to say the least. Microsoft has highlighted the major issues with corporate use of the cloud for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in their most recent YouTube offering, entitled ‘Googlighting.’

Lab Rats or Pioneers?

Unlike standard downloads or in-the-box software, which will retain the same features until you choose to upgrade to a newer version, cloud-based offerings such as Docs remain in flux, as all users test the new and different features and permissions, which may change frequently. As Microsoft points out with the below video, this makes Docs users something like unpaid lab rats, testing multiple versions of the software on real-world applications. Although the real world makes a great testbed for the developer, it’s not ideal for the corporate user, particularly when there are deadlines to meet.

Problems with Exclusively Cloud-Based Operations

What could go wrong? An Internet outage, a change in Google’s plans, or the removal of a necessary feature in a business presentation, for starters. Microsoft’s ‘Googlighting’ video is an advertising gimmick, but brings to light some valid points for businesses.

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