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The Android has a huge following – is it enough to topple Apple? Image courtesy Android.

Now that Google has announced plans to purchase Motorola’s mobile division, it is poised to solidify its position as King of the Mobile Mountain – a position it shares with Apple. Is this brick in the ever-spreading Googleopoly wall going to affect you, the consumer? Will owning Motorola’s cellular division give Google’s mobile platform an advantage over the competition?

Consolidation Affects Consumers

The more alternate platforms that are absorbed into the largest companies, the more choices and options for consumers are reduced. It is in Google’s best interests to ensure that consumers are able to cross platforms, in order to keep the customer happy. At the same time, however, encouraging the use of Google-offerings, such as gmail, Google +, and Google Maps increases saturation throughout the Internet. As things stand, consumers can rely on the competition between smartphone service providers to allow access to most programs, regardless of the type of phone.

Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone vs. Blackberry

Since Blackberry’s (Research In Motion) market share has dropped precipitously, the Android and the iPhone have been left standing alone at the top of the smartphone heap. The acquisition of Motorola’s mobile division won’t give Google any more edge in future phone battles, but it does help the technology giant shore up its base, and prevents Google’s cellphone reach from becoming a top-heavy, precarious, all-eggs-in-one-basket risk.

What’s Your Phone Preference?

Do you have an Android? In love with your iPhone, but hate the auto-complete feature? Share your experiences, and give other consumers early warning!

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