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Set up your desk with the cool tech devices from 2012. Image by iCork

2012 was a big year for new tech products and gadgets. The iPhone 5 finally made its appearance in September, although not without its problems; Windows revealed its new Windows 8 platform, which brings smartphone layouts to tablets and computers.

Then, Google created chaos with the release of three new products – the Nexus 4, the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 – which all sold out within 30 minutes of being made available.

Many new handy tech devices from 2012 didn’t make much of a splash, but we noticed.

Apple’s New iMac Computer

With the introduction of the iPhone 5, iPad 3 and the Mini iPad, this seemed to get lost in the shuffle. The iMac computer is Apple’s answer to all-in-one computers that became a hit in 2011.

Everything to run the computer is included within the monitor but the iMac is much slimmer than many other models available at just 5mm; more space for your desk! The computer is also one of the fastest all-in-ones on the market but it doesn’t come cheap at $1,299.

Google’s Chromebook

Released in the later part of 2012, the chromebook has yet to really take off, but it offers many benefits to those who love Google anything. The Chromebook has full access to YouTube, Google Docs, GTalk and anything else that is run by Google, and all you need is a free Gmail account.

The computers are small and portable, much lighter than the majority of laptops, and make it possible to browse the Internet quickly. Virus software is included within the computer, and everything updates automatically so you can just work. With 2GB RAM and a 320GB hard drive, it offers everything many students and commuters will need to get through their daily tasks.

There is also an extra 100GB of cloud storage through Google Drive, and the chromebook is much cheaper than many other laptop computers at around $200.

PlayStation Vita

Sony is known for high priced PlayStation products and the Vita was nothing different. At $249, many people avoided this and opted for other handheld devices and games consoles. However, the PlayStation Vita offers users Wi-Fi and 3G access, excellent graphics and the ability to play even the latest titles. Users can remain connected to their friends as long as they are chatting through Facebook for Vita or the PlayStation Network.

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