Feeling Excluded From Society? It Might Be Society’s Fault.


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The elderly are often excluded from society. Image by pepo

Elderly and Shiftworker Social Support Opportunities

According to this study, the government can help create opportunities for social engagement with society. Potential methods of improving interaction for seniors and shiftworkers include:
Offer more programs where seniors are able to engage in sports or volunteer.

Create programs and courses that take place at times when shift workers are available to participate.

Create taxi services for the elderly, or expand public transportation to cover more areas.

Each of these steps has the potential to improve the levels of social engagement for seniors and shiftworkers in society, improving their quality of life, according to the study’s conclusions.

Community and Individual Social Engagement

You can help get local shift workers and seniors engaged in social activities as well. Actions as simple as offering a ride to a senior, or putting together a movie night (or morning) with a shift worker can help increase their level of engagement. Every little bit can help to make a person feel included in society.


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