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Facebook mogul, Mark Zuckerberg: Photo by Jason McELweenie

Facebook Response to Privacy Criticisms

According to the UK Daily Mail, a Facebook spokesman denied the claims, saying that “Applications does not circumvent your privacy settings – if you choose to share your activity with friends, using an app won’t change that.” In reality, however, unless the app explicitly shares the information that it harvests from your account, you may end up sharing your activity with more than just one friend.

How Many Apps Have Access?

You may be sharing your private information with more apps than you realize. As Professor Xu states, Facebook has improved its opt-in screen for apps, but it is still easy to end up with dozens of active apps in your account, without realizing it. To check for apps that have permission to do everything from access your posts to post on your behalf, follow these steps:

1. From “Home” click on “Privacy Settings.”

2. Scroll down to “Apps and Websites” and click on ‘Edit Settings.”

Facebook's Apps and Websites menu. Image by VLN

3. Remove unwanted Apps. (optional)


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