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Block Facebook Users from Sending You Mail

Could you end up with more unsolicited mail? Image by Cohdra

The good news is that you can stop the users from sending the spam mail to you – but only after the first offense.

You will need to mark a message as spam, which will place it in the Other Tab. This then blocks that user from sending you any other messages.

However, Facebook representatives do not believe that this will be a problem, as most spammers will not want to pay to send out their messages.

Facebook representatives continue to explain that the system is in place for legitimate reasons.

There may be employers looking to inform prospective employees of jobs, or for people to reach out to others to whom they have no direct connection.

Sending Messages with Your Direct Email

Facebook introduced a Facebook email address for people a number of months ago. It happened relatively quietly and people hardly noticed anything. There was little that others could do with this, but with the new messaging system, it will be possible for users to send emails to your Facebook inbox with your Facebook email address. Mutual friends and those using Messenger for Android will also be able to send messages.

The security settings for the email system are also being changed. There are now two options: Basic Filtering and Strict Filtering. The Basic Filtering allows friends and friends of friends to contact you in your inbox. Those who opt for the Strict Filtering will find the majority of messages are sent to the Other Tab.

Facebook Messages: Get Ready to Mark as Spam

Facebook is changing but is currently in a testing phase. This is useful for Facebook to see how many people are likely to pay to send messages, and how often others block them. If you do receive any unsolicited mail in your inbox, simply remember to mark is as spam and it will block the user from ever being able to send it again. It may sound annoying, but at the moment there is a limit on the number of paid messages that you will receive each month and paid emails is a service LinkedIn users have been utilizing for years. Maybe it won’t be as bad as some of the other Facebook Failures.


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