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Facebook is testing a new messaging system where strangers can contact you directly. Image by marcopako 

Facebook constantly seems to be in the news for changes and not usually the good ones.

As usual, more changes are happening and this time to the messaging system. Everyone can now message anyone, and there is nothing that you can do about it until it’s already happened!

Although, it will cost your stalker $1 per message to annoy you, if you haven’t already gone through the blocking procedure.

Facebook Privacy Settings: Useless

Many people opt for the privacy setting on messages so only friends, or friends of friends, can message them through the social networking website. Others can still send you a message but it will go to your Others Tab, so it is unlikely that you will see it – so it won’t bother you anyway. Now, users will be able to send messages directly to your inbox for a one-off fee of $1.

This system is currently under trial in the US and only available for a small number of people. If the trial proves to work well, it will be available for all users in all countries. Is this just another way for Facebook to make money and improve their cash-flow?

Spam Messages Going to Your Inbox

A problem with allowing anyone to message anyone is that spam becomes an issue. These unsolicited messages currently go to the Other Tab which many Facebook users don’t even know about. You need to click the Other Tab to see the messages while all your main messages go to your inbox. Now, unsolicited mail will go directly to your mail Facebook inbox, and will stay there unless you do something about it.

There is no need to worry about your inbox being flooded with spam messages from the same person. You will only be able to receive one message a week that a user has paid to send, and three per month – for right now, anyway.

Pay-to-Mail: Similar to LinkedIn

For those who are also on the social networking site LinkedIn, this is a similar process that they have in place. They allow only contacts to send messages, depending on the settings a user has. For those who want to send messages to anyone, you need to pay for the ability. There is very little spam reported, which shows that it may be a good idea for Facebook to introduce it.

However, LinkedIn charges per month for an extended service, unlike Facebook’s idea. This fee opens other benefits for the social networking website, such as improving the amount of results you gain when searching for profiles and creating folders for various profiles.

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