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How Do You Change Your Privacy Settings?

Do you really want Facebook to decide the information included on your relationship page? Image by adamjonfuller

In the top right-hand corner of the website, there is your name, Home, and a downwards arrow. Click the arrow and you will see a drop down menu. Click on Privacy Settings.

The first section sets who will see your status updates, which can be set visible to Everyone, Friends or Custom – so you can set it so only you can see your updates, or make sure that certain people cannot see them.

Underneath that is a list of other settings that you can change, which affects who can tag you into photos and how they show up on your timeline. This section also allows you to change how people see posts from the past.

To change the privacy of your photos, you will need to go into individual photo. This is time consuming, but if there is anything that you do not want shared, it is worth going through the process.

When you click on a photo in your album, underneath your name and next to the date is a symbol to say who can see the photo.

When you hover over this, it turns into a drop down menu, which allows you to share the photos between your friends, or sets it so that only you can see the posts.

For all shared photos, you will need to make sure that both of you have the same settings to avoid them being shared on the ‘couples’ page.

Another option is to hide the photos from your timeline. To do this, click on the photos and you will see Hide underneath your name.

Remove Your Relationship Status

If you don’t want to change the way people can see your photos and status updates – or if your partner doesn’t agree with making changes – you have one other option; break up with your partner! Virtually, of course – removing the relationship status between the two of you will remove the relationship page.

‘Couples’ Pages: Annoying or Useful?

The creation of new ‘couples’ pages has annoyed many Facebook users. Maybe sharing the information is not the most annoying part – it is the way the pages are created. Users have no control over the information that is shared, unless they change their privacy settings together. Perhaps the worst part of this change is the fact that it was released without any notice – Facebook failed to inform their users of the changes – the relationship pages just appeared, similar to the Friendship pages in 2010. If inadequate notice of changes that affect privacy continue, Facebook users may end up writing a ‘breakup note’ to the popular social media site.


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