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Facebook changes settings yet again! Image by marcopako

Facebook has made another change to its social networking site.

Relationship pages have now been created and some users are angry that you cannot opt out of them.

The only way you can avoid the new ‘couple’ page is by not putting your relationship status on the site for all to see.

Any Difference Between Friendship and Couples Pages?

Facebook has already released Friendship pages, where all information shared between friends is included on one page, and this simply carries across to couples pages. Any photos, status updates and mutual friends will be grouped together on the ‘relationship’ page so others can see everything you both have in common.

While users share their relationship status on the website, many are angry at this new development. Even though they want to share their relationship status, they do not want all the information between them shared with everyone else, especially the general public.

Facebook Couples Pages: No Say From You!

Maybe the biggest argument is that you have no input in your own couples page. The content selected is automatic from the social media website. However, on researching into pages there is a way to stop information from being included (something Facebook hasn’t shared) – update your privacy settings!

FB privacy settings are something that many people forget about, believing Facebook will protect their details and privacy. That is not the case. Facebook wants you to share your information so, by default, your posts are set with the lowest possible security. The good news is that anything set to only visible to you will remain only visible to you on the couples page. The bad news is that the settings change on a regular basis, so you need to check them frequently.

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