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US Earthquakes: Alaska


Earthquakes in mainland Alaska 11-17 July. Image credit: USGS

With very little earthquake activity occurring in the United States, it’s interesting to note a second apparently isolated tremor which bears comparison with the Canadian M5.0 mentioned above.

A scattering of small earthquakes across mainland Alaska also marks the diffuse area affected by the collision of the Pacific and North American plates and the uplift of Alaska, extending as far north as the Brooks Range.

This Week’s Quakes: Not Just Subduction

The majority of the earth’s large earthquakes occur at subduction zones.

This week’s earthquakes, however, illustrate that this isn’t exclusively the case: the largest, by some way, though associated with a subduction zone, appears to have been caused by lateral movement along a transform fault while the collision of major continents shows the impact of continental collision can be felt at very great distances from plate margins themselves.


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