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Apple users can schedule calls to divert on a night. Image by Randolf Jorberg

Apple users can schedule calls to divert during the night. Image by Randolf Jorberg

Apple iPhone users had their sleep interrupted during the first week of January when the Do Not Disturb settings stopped working. There was a glitch in the software, which meant that the automatic settings failed to work and users had to turn the setting on and off manually when they went to bed and woke up.

Do Not Disturb Setting

The Do Not Disturb setting is new to iOS 6 and has been a popular feature for many users. The setting gives iPhone users the ability to stop calls and texts from coming through during set times, whether overnight, during a meeting or an appointment, so they are not woken by sounds or embarrassed by their phones ringing at inconvenient times.

The glitch did not affect all iPhone users, and not all realized that it had happened, but on January 1, 2013, some customers took to Apple forums to report the problem. Apple confirms that the problem was linked to the software, which was set to expect January to start on January 7, 2013, explaining that the glitch would solve itself on that date but gave no other explanation for why the software stopped working as it should. It is unclear whether this will happen again in the future without knowing the cause of the problem – although we asked, there has been no response from Apple as yet. As Apple expected, the Do Not Disturb function is now working once more.

Users Had to Manually Set Do Not Disturb

iPhone and iPad users found that they could turn on the Do Not Disturb function manually but the scheduling would not work. Scheduling is a useful function for those who want to regularly shut their phone down without turning it off overnight, but manual switching was still available during the glitch.

Personalizing the Settings

It is possible to personalize the settings. If you will allow certain calls during the scheduled time off, such as from close friends and family, it is possible to add them to a group and allow those to call through Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb.

Within the same area, there is an option for Repeated Calls. When this is on, those who call twice within a three minute period will not be diverted to answer phone. This is perfect for those worried about missing a call in an emergency. The schedule is also set through this area.

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