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Does ESPN’s ScoreCenter app have the right stuff? Image by VLN

ESPN, the self-titled ‘World Wide Leader in Sports’ offers a ScoreCenter app for smartphones – but does the app live up to to the ESPN reputation?

Reports of frozen scores and no updates mar the app’s ESPN image – will the errors continue to irritate fans, hungry for the latest stats on their favorite teams?

What Are Apps?

Apps, or ‘applications’ are software programs that are written to be used right within your web browser – in contrast to other software programs that you have to download and execute.

This saves on the required memory for a small device such as a smartphone, and is the genius behind the super-trimmed-down Google Chromebook. When you run a program that runs within your browser, you don’t have to wait for your device to find the files associated with the program – you’re only limited by the speed of your Internet connection.

What kind of apps are available? You can find apps for just about anything (‘There’s an app for that’) but apps don’t always work the way they’re supposed to. Your app might be incompatible with your phone model, or the OS on your phone – or it might simply be a poorly-written app.

ESPN App: Reported Errors

User-reported errors with ESPN’s ScoreCenter app go back to 2010, and include frozen scores and a lack of ‘push’ updates, among other things. If you’re agonizing over the latest scores, and waiting to see the results of the big game, a page of scores that never change is not what you want to see in a football app. A lack of push updates can also be a big problem – when a software update is initiated by the central database, it’s called a push update – when you request an update from your device, on the other hand, it’s called a ‘pull.’ If your phone isn’t getting the automatic updates, your experience may suffer, since the updates can resolve both security holes and operational errors.

Resolving App Errors

Thorough alpha and beta testing with a variety of smartphone models and operating systems is the best way to resolve these issues for all users. Testing can’t stop when an app is released, however – as new operating systems release, app developers must test the existing app with the new OS to ensure compatibility. Apple users report, for example, that notifications on ESPN’s app have stopped since the iPhone’s latest OS update, probably a compatibility issue. The latest update may have resolved this issue, as it specifically addresses live updates.

ESPN ScoreCenter Rating

The ESPN ScoreCenter App does work properly on most smartphones, and offers users a number of useful features, but as with any other app – when it doesn’t work, it can cause a real headache for fans. Luckily, other sports apps such as LiveScore are only a touchscreen away.


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