Congressional Approval at Record Low, According to Gallup


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Although Congress always tends to have approval ratings lower than those of the President, recent polling indicates record lows. Photo courtesy of the US federal government

Ten percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, and the disapproval rate is 86 percent, according to a Gallup poll released February 8, 2012.

The disapproval rate ties the December 2011 number for the highest Congressional disapproval number ever recorded by Gallup. The average approval rating for Congress over the entire year of 2011 was also at a historic low, at 17 percent.

Even Split Among Democrats and Republicans

Although there isn’t much on which Democrats and Republicans typically agree, the Gallup poll indicates that they have found consensus in their disapproval of Congress. When the sample was analyzed based on stated party affiliation, 12 percent of Republicans approved of Congress, and 11 percent of Democrats approved.

Gallup Polling Methodology

The Congressional approval survey was conducted between February 2 and February 5. The sample consisted of 1029 U.S. adults, who were contacted via random dialing of landlines and cell phones. A quota was in place, of 400 cell phone contacts and 600 landline contacts per 1000 respondents. Results were weighted for demographics, multiple adults in households, and phone status. The margin of error was +/-4 points.

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