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How can you plan for stormy weather? Image Credit: Kasia Kay

Preparing for the 2012 Hurricane Season

Now is the time to get ready for hurricane season. Get your supplies of food and water in order, and put them in a safe place. It’s a good idea to have a three-week supply of food and water on hand. Canned goods will last for several years, but it’s best to set a date every year to go through your emergency kit. That way, you can rotate new items into your food stash and eat the older ones.

What else should you put into your emergency kit? Add flashlights, tarps, tents, extra clothes and shoes, a battery operated radio, and a grab-and-go supply of essential medicines.

Get an Emergency Plan in Place

Before things get stormy, make sure that your home and your family are both ready for the season. Be prepared with hurricane shutters or plywood that is cut to fit your windows, and fasteners to attach it. Install bolts on exterior doors so that they don’t swing open. It’s best to get these ready now. When the radio starts warning of the first big storm, everyone will rush to the store for supplies.

Make sure that you have adequate insurance and an evacuation plan now. If you plan to leave town to visit relatives, keep your car ready with a half tank of gas. Plan ahead for pet care during the storm, since you will not be able to bring your pets with you to a storm shelter. Keep enough food on hand to last them for a week.  Whether you’re planning to head to the shelter or go out of town, make sure that your family members have an out of town emergency contact person to call in case you get separated.

A combination of emergency kits, household preparation, and evacuation planning will help your household get ready for the upcoming tropical storms and hurricanes that will visit the coast this summer and fall. With good planning and preparation, you’ll be prepared to face the 2012 hurricane season.


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