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Wanna buy weed online Canada but worried about social distancing in stores? Tired of running out of weed and having to go all the way into the inner city to get some? The struggle is real, and we all share it but we know the places and know-how in this guide to help you!

That’s why buying weed online is perhaps the smartest thing you could do when purchasing cannabis products in Canada. From having the highest quality weed to the best customer service, buying weed online is easily the smartest way to get high these days.

Despite this, it’s understandable as to why you may feel overwhelmed when first dipping your toe into the online cannabis game. There’s so many dispensaries, so many products; it’s understood why you might feel decision fatigue when first going into the online dispensary experience. Here’s a little guide to get you pointed in the right direction and have you getting your smoke on as quickly as possible.

Cannabis Products

So, what can you buy on the internet? In particular, what’s different about the products at an online dispensary as opposed to those at a physical one?

Well, the typical brick-and-mortar dispensary in Canada is generally monitored by the provincial government, and therefore only sells things that are clearly legal. For instance, prior to the ‘second wave of legalization’ in Canada in October 2019, you couldn’t buy edibles in a physical dispensary as they were technically still illegal.

You’ll generally find that online dispensaries carry much more product in every sense of the word- both volume and variety.


The most traditional format of buying and smoking weed is buying the flower itself. The flower is simply the dried cannabis you buy as is- leaving you to decide how you ingest it. Whilst all dispensaries in Canada sell cannabis flower in some format, the online dispensary usually carries a significantly larger range of strains.

This means the choice is yours when it comes to how strong your cannabis is, what flavor you want out of it, whether you’d prefer a body high or a mind high. There are hundreds upon hundreds of choices when shopping for cannabis flower online, and the added bonus is that you can research each one using sites such as Leafly before ordering to ensure you’re likely to get your desired experience from the weed.

If you’re a weed newbie altogether and the concept of strains seems overwhelming to you, don’t panic. Both Leafly and Weedmaps have handy strain searching functions where you can refine strain searches to the type of experience you want to have. Using services like this, you can easily see whether a strain is rated 5.00 out of 5 before you order.

Also, with the next-level customer service that online dispensaries offer, you can simply ask your chosen online dispensary for their professional opinion and guidance.


In the same vein as flower, pre-rolls are simply joints that have literally been pre-rolled, taking all of the hard work out of it for you. Many people prefer buying pre-rolls to rolling their own as they’re usually better packed and thus smoother to smoke than doing it yourself.

They’re also great for beginners who’ve never rolled a joint before and want to see if weed is right for them.

Most physical dispensaries stock pre-rolls, but at an online dispensary there’s almost always great deals on pre-rolls, as well as a vaster array of choice when it comes to strains and sizes of joints.


Everyone’s favorite party food, edibles, are really taking off now that they’ve officially become legal in Canada. A lot of physical dispensaries still don’t include edibles in their range of cannabis products, largely due to difficulties in licensing with the provincial government. However, online dispensaries stock them by the boat-load.

If you’re not really into smoking your weed, edibles are a fantastic option to still experience the high. Edibles from an online dispensary come in all shapes and sizes; you can get sweets, chocolate, cakes, mints- you name it, it’s out there for sale. You can even get edibles to suit specific dietary needs.

Thanks to the online market for quality cannabis in Canada, largely pioneered by ‘gray area’ online dispensaries, new products in the weed industry are coming out quicker than ever- with edibles being at the forefront of this.

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Concentrates do what they say on the tin: they’re any form of cannabis that has been concentrated into something beyond the flower. This encompasses shatters, resins, butters, etc.

Concentrates are usually preferred by long-time or experienced stoners who are looking to move along from the traditional joint/bong scenario. They generally provide a much more intense high than other forms of cannabis, and require a lot of specialist equipment.

Both the concentrates themselves and the equipment required to use them safely are all available online; it’s unlikely that you would find any of this in a physical dispensary in Canada. If you’re looking to get into them and not sure where to start, turn to customer service! That’s what it’s there for. You’ll generally find online customer service much more helpful than that in a store, meaning you can have your cannabis products ordered straight to your door with no worries.


In the past couple years, CBD-exclusive products have seen a massive surge in sales. This is largely due to the fact they have become incredibly widely available, as has the research surrounding its health benefits.

CBD is short for Cannabidoil, and is a chemical derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects, meaning it’s used exclusively for health and wellness purposes as it cannot get you high.

Just about anywhere and everywhere sells CBD product nowadays. This being said, an online dispensary in Canada is still your best way to go about buying CBD, as they’re usually super high quality products from incredibly refined cannabis plants. You can buy CBD products online in a range of formats- creams, oils, sprays; the list goes on.

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What are the benefits of buying weed online?

Buying weed online has long been hailed the superior way to buy weed in Canada. It may not seem all that different to walking into a dispensary in your city and buying what you think is high quality cannabis. The trick here is to realize that while brick-and-mortar dispensaries do offer high quality products, they’re largely controlled by the government, and the vast majority of the weed they sell all comes from the same government-approved farms within the province.

This means that even if you think you’re getting different products when you shop around physical dispensaries, you actually aren’t.

If you’re looking for the highest quality marijuana, therefore, you must delve into the weird and wonderful world of the internet.

Legality and Variety

Let’s take a step back here. We’ve established that buying marijuana online is the best way to get weed, in large part because the product is better and there exists a wider array of products. But why is this?

Well, as touched upon previously, the majority of physical dispensaries are owned or operated (at least in-part) by the government of the province in which they conduct business. In most provinces, such as British Columbia, official dispensaries can only get their weed from government-approved growers- meaning that the product is largely the same across all physical dispensaries in the province. This is fine, and the products are no doubt high quality, but they’re often not rated 5.00 out of 5.

Most online dispensaries operate in a ‘legal gray area’. This means that technically they aren’t operating within the legal bounds of federal or provincial marijuana legislation. Despite this, given that marijuana growing and sales are fairly low in priority for most Canadian police forces due to the rising opioid crisis, the chances that these dispensaries would get into any trouble is incredibly low.

People have been buying from ‘MOMs’ (mail-order-marijuana sites) for years, before marijuana even became legal at the federal level in Canada. It seems scary that online dispensaries aren’t technically legal, but it’s virtually impossible for you as a customer to get into any legal trouble for buying marijuana online.

Because these online dispensaries technically aren’t legal, they aren’t bound by any governmental stipulations regarding the growth of cannabis- meaning they can grow way more experimental and interesting strains at way higher volumes than a regular dispensary.

Free Shipping

One of the huge benefits when you decide to buy weed online is free shipping. You can simply order your marijuana online, in the comfort of your own home, and not have to think about it at all until it arrives on your doorstep just the same as all your other post.

The vast majority of places where you can buy weed online now offer some form of free shipping– usually if you place an order over a certain amount. This means there’s no added delivery cost if you want to use an online dispensary in Canada to get your rated 5.00 out of 5 cannabis as opposed to a physical one.

All internet dispensaries post using discreet packaging so that you can safely order marijuana without worrying what your housemates or coworkers will think of you. They’re generally posted through Canada Post, so will arrive with the rest of your mail.

Customer Service

It’s sad but true; when you buy weed online, you almost always receive better customer service than if you purchase weed from a storefront. This is largely due to the fact that online dispensaries employ representatives who are not only experts in customer service, but also experts in cannabis products. This ensures that not only are they friendly and helpful, but they also know what they’re talking about, making it easier for you to order marijuana safely and securely.

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How to Order Weed

So you know what you can buy on the web, and you know why this is beneficial in comparison to going to a storefront. Perfect. But now comes the final stage- actually placing an order.

Step 1: Pick a Dispensary

There are thousands of dispensaries in Canada that operate through the internet. This may not seem helpful, but it actually works in your favor. Most dispensaries specialize in a form of product or a form of service- i.e., some are known for their focus on concentrates, whilst others are known for their free delivery or cheap prices. The choice is yours when it comes down to where you get your mail order marijuana. Websites such as BudsGrowGuide, the ChronicBeaver, and Weedmaps all provide good guides and reviews on hundreds of dispensaries.

Step 2: Browse the Products you want

Take a look through all of the available products and which ones would be best suited to you. Ask questions if you need to- most dispensaries have some form of live chat service where you can talk to a representative and ask for their advice when picking products to order.

Step 3: Add to basket

Add to your basket- see if you get any hidden discounts or free delivery from how much you’ve added!

Step 4: Order!

Don’t forget to include information such as your email address- this could come in handy in the future, as may dispensaries send exclusive offers to their previous customers via email.

Order to your address, and voila, you’ve successfully bought quality cannabis via the internet. Isn’t the modern world wonderful?

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to order cannabis for medicinal purposes, general wellness, or you just wanna get baked and transcend the confines of the universe, getting a delivery of weed is definitely the way to go nowadays. It’s quick and easy, and guarantees you the best quality products out there. If you’re looking for top-notch, rated 5.00 out of 5 weed you can order straight to your door, you’re headed in the right direction.

To recap, ordering weed online:

  • Guarantees the best customer service
  • Easily find rated 5.00 out of 5 weed
  • Quick and easy
  • Gets you the best variety of products on the market
  • Usually means free, discreet delivery
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