Black Friday Computer Deals on Tablets and Laptops: Good Value for the Price?


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The Compaq Presario CQ58 will be on sale at Walmart this November 22. Image courtesy of Walmart

Black Friday Laptops: What to Look For

If you decide against a tablet, maybe you’re considering a laptop this Christmas. Walmart’s offering a Compaq CQ58 laptop for $179.00 on Black Friday – sounds amazing, but is it a good deal?

Considering the nearly $350.00 price tag on Amazon, it’s a great deal if you were already planning to purchase one.

Is it a good computer for the money, even under $200.00? The screen is 15.6 inches, not huge but not super small either. The computer has 2G of RAM – that’s 2 gigabytes, enough to comfortably run Windows Vista, but it may strain a bit if you upgrade to Windows 8, considering the fact that every update of Windows uses up more memory that the previous generation.

An Ultrabook, by comparison, has 8G of RAM (and is also considerably more expensive.)

The Compaq CQ58 is running on a 1.4 GHz E-Series Dual-Core E2-1800 processor. Let’s break that down:

1.4 GHz – we discussed MHz above; GHz stands for gigahertz – one GHz is equal to a thousand MHz, and 1.4 GHz will provide a reasonable processing speed for any laptop.

Dual Core – When a computer runs on a single processor, that single processor must control every instruction the computer receives. With multiple cores, however, whether dual-core or quad-core, the computer can simply accomplish more, faster.

E2-1800 – This is just the brand of the processor, helpful when reading reviews, but nothing to do with the actual specs.

Black Friday Tech Deals at Walmart

Whether your Christmas list includes these particular items or not, always check the specs before you buy. A great price doesn’t always mean a great deal – there may be a reason that the retailer or manufacturer is willing to mark the price down, and it’s usually not because the item is the best on the shelf.


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