Black Friday Computer Deals on Tablets and Laptops: Good Value for the Price?


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Are you ready for Black Friday? Image courtesy of Walmart

From email blasts to billboards; TV commercials to radio ads, we’re being bombarded with Black Friday deals.

Every single advertisement is working to convince us that this device is the best ever – but which computers, laptops, and tablet sales are actually worth the money?

Check the processor speed, working memory, features, and prices compared to other common outlets before you buy – and always read the reviews.

Walmart Black Friday Advertised Deals

Walmart is offering some really low-priced deals on computers this holiday season – but make sure to check the specs, compare prices, and above all, read the reviews so you don’t end up with a low-value item.

Holiday Sales: Tablets Under 100$?

Tablets under 100$: Sounds great, but do these tablets measure up? One of the lower-priced tablets offered by Walmart during the holidays is the Maylong M-250 with WiFi 7.0″ Touchscreen Tablet. Walmart’s advertised price is $59.98; the same model runs about $65.00 on Amazon, and $99.00 directly from the manufacturer, so the price at Walmart is right – but is it a good tablet for the money?

The Maylong M-250 features a color touchscreen, it’s WiFi enabled, it has a stylus (like a pencil that you can use to ‘mark’ on the computer – not in the package from Walmart) and even a camera. The camera, however, is .3 megapixels – that’s three-tenths of a megapixel. To compare, your average smartphone has a camera of around 5 megapixels, and some as many as 8 megapixels – more is not always better, but much less, when it comes to cameras, is usually worse.

What about the memory? According to Mayalong, the tablet has 256MB of RAM – now what on Earth does that mean? In the simplest terms, it means that the tablet has 256 megabytes of random access memory, which is the memory a computer has available to run programs. The faster, the better, and 256MB is pretty low.

Processor speed? It’s running 800MHz + 300MHz DSP. DSP stands for digital signal processor, and the tablet also has a radio scanner, so the extra processor information is probably for those signals. The main computer is running at 800MHz, or megahertz. One megahertz  is one million cycles per second, so 800 is pretty good, right? Not so much – The Google Nexus 10, for example, runs more than double that at 1700 MHz.

Most importantly, the reviews. If you don’t know someone personally who owns a particular gadget, check the reviews. The reviews for this tablet don’t shine – they’re either along the lines of ‘not bad for the money’ or ‘awful.’

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