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Father's Day

Image courtesy of the U.S. Fatherhood: A responsibility that can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Department of Health and Human Services.

News reporter Sean Bergin caused a firestorm with his news network, and ended up leaving his position, due to some unexpected on-air comments.

What did he say that was so outrageous – and was he wrong?

Sean Bergin Reports on Cop Killer

Earlier this July, Sean Bergin, a reporter for News 12, made some controversial remarks when he was reporting on the death of 23 year old Jersey City police officer.

A thug who wanted to be famous shot rookie police officer Melvin Santiago in the head. The situation was further aggravated when the suspect’s wife went on air to declare that her husband should have killed more cops.

This led to Bergin’s statement: “It’s important to shine a light on these anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated the inner-cities. The underlying cause of this also: Young black men growing up without fathers.”

Unfortunately, the network did not support his claim, and Bergin ended up leaving his position with the network.

The looming question is… was Bergin right? Is there an anti-police mentality, and is it the result of the lack of fathers in the inner-city households?

Inner city Families, Crime, and Success

Unfortunately, it is the hard truth; a truth that many in the media and political arena are afraid to touch in fear of being labeled racist.

Let’s look at the facts, and see just how much truth was in Mr Bergin’s unscripted statement.  In today’s society, many people see inner city kids from single parent homes as a menace to society, and do not expect them to achieve a productive life.

Let’s look at a few facts that could have supported Bergin’s statement. According to the Families Civil Union:

  • 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes.
  • 75% of all adolescent parents in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes.
  • 80% of rapists, motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless homes.
  • 85% of all youth in prison some from fatherless homes.

Many of the fathers from the inner city are serving long sentences due to the mandatory minimum sentencing laws, and a lack of opportunity in their communities. This leaves a mother to raise her children by herself, many times leaving the children without proper supervision.

Fatherless Homes and Killers: Is There a Link?

Rev Jesse Lee Peteren of the WND Magazine has sided with Bergin in stating that fatherless homes create thugs and killers.  The white community refuses to speak publicly about black criminality for fear of being branded as racists. So how does the truth get out?

There is no doubt that many in the black communities have a problem with authority figures. Actions of disobedience have been strewn across social media, and many times when force is applied, the community labels it as police brutality. (Some, of course, is actually abuse.)  There is outrage when the police apply force to a member of the community, but why is there no outrage for the community member’s non-compliance with authority, and glorification of violence to police?

Black Leaders; Media – Not Helping

According to Peterson,  Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,  the NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus and other black leaders have been excusing the black criminals and provoking hatred for the police for quite some time.

There’s also the music and media industry, where some have used lyrics and popular games to level hatred against the police for years.

  • Ice-T, who ironically plays a policeman on television, put out an album entitled, Cop Killer.
  • The NWA group had a popular record called F*** The Police.
  • Snoop Dog and Dr Dre’s 187 is specifically about murdering cops.
  • The Grand Theft Auto video games reinforce the anti-police mentality.

Peterson believes that progressive mayors are not doing enough to combat the thug and anti-cop mentality in certain cities. He pointed out that New York has seen a 43% increase in crime since DeBlasio discarded Guiliani’s stop and frisk policy. Chicago recently had 83 shootings in one day due to gang violence.

crying child

It takes a village to raise a child – we need programs to rebuild the black family unit in the inner cities. Image by grietgriet.

The Black Family Unit

Let us look at what is happening in the inner-city:

73 percent of black kids are born to  unwed mothers. The welfare system will take care of the low-income mother and child, and because that income will be reduced if there is a spouse, there is no urgency from the inner-city community to be married.

The black family unit is almost non-existent in the younger generation, and programs are needed to rebuild the black families.

According to the Alabama DHR, 70 % of  adolescents charged with murder grew up in fatherless homes and 70% of  long term prison inmates grew up in fatherless homes. Unfortunately going to jail becomes a rite of passage for a youngster.

Inner-city Single Parent Success Stories

All this being said, let me point out two famous persons who were raised by single mothers in the ghetto – great examples of inner-city single parent success:

  • Dr. Ben Carson, renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon, grew up on the mean streets of Detroit and was a knife wielding youth. He became the Director of Pediatric-Neurosurgery at John Hopkins University Hospital at 33 years old. Carson could become America’s next Surgeon General even though he is considering  a run for the U.S. Presidency.
  • Judge Greg Mathis was also raised in the inner city by a single mom in the mean streets of Detroit and was a juvenile delinquent who went on to become the youngest district court judge of Michigan.

Paternal Abandonment and Crime in the Inner City: There Is a Link

Paternal abandonment has become a crisis in the black community and as Ron Howell, professor of Brooklyn College, says – if there is to be change,  entrepreneurs, educators, social service administrators will have to play a respective role.

To quote Senator Hilary Clinton’s philosophy on “it takes a village to raise a child” – it literally does.

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