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High-tech 3D goggles for gaming: Image courtesy of iTVGoggles

What about video goggles? Yes, we’ve got those too. In an interview with Decoded Science, Avi Gabbay, the Technical Director at the iTVGoggles Technical Team, explained that their video goggles work with anything that has an A/V output, including TVs, video games, tablet computers and smartphones – even motion-sensing games like the Wii. Mr. Gabbay told Decoded Science that “most of our models offer A/V (RCA) input, with HDMI and more advanced connectivity in the works for upcoming models…Further more iTVGoggles can also be integrated with motion sensors of all kinds to create an even more immersive experience.

Other companies have also developed video goggles for entertainment – some that have a hard drive on which you can place movies, videos and pictures – creating a personal cinema that even works in 3D.

Technology that May Never Happen

While there are elements of technology that have happened or are on the way to development, there are some forms of technology in Back to the Future II (and the whole trilogy) that may never happen. Flying cars – that still ran on gas – and food rehydrators that would transform food into gourmet dishes in seconds? Nope. Don’t forget the hoverboards that all teens would love to have here and now – we’ve got tiny hovertoys, but people-sized skateboard-like devices? Not even close.

The Fun of Movies Predicting the Future

Writers love to predict the future and it is fun to see how close the predictions have come. In the case of Back to the Future II, there are some predictions that are just out-of-this-world and may never happen – but there are some that are slowly in the making. Video conferencing and calls are a commonplace event now, while hover gadgets are available – but not on the scale of the hover boards imagined for the movie. Technology has to start from somewhere, however – maybe Back to the Future II is a prediction of things to come.


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