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Google Added New Features

Apple issues apology for inferior map software. Image by Randolf Jorberg

Google has introduced a number of new features that were never available through the original app on the iPhone. These will make the search function and the ability to gain directions easier and quicker. Here are just some of the newer functions:

  • Voice directions: Travelling somewhere by car was always a problem with maps as it was near impossible to check the map when driving. Google Maps now has voice-guided directions to help with making turns, making it more like a satellite navigational system.
  • Estimated time of arrival: Wonder how long it will take you to get somewhere? Google Maps online will give you the rough time and cost for fuel. The new map app offers an estimated time of arrival to help you plan your journey.
  • 3D Views of Buildings: When travelling somewhere new, even the best directions can be difficult. You need to know the building that you will see, which is where this function is useful. You will be able to view a building from different views to make sure you know the place that you are looking for.


Google Maps Still Lacks Functions

While the new functions are beneficial, Google Maps still lacks some for the app. One of those is voice activated searches. This is something that many people would benefit from, especially when trying to find something while driving. However, Google representatives have stated that new functions are in development, which will help to create an app that offers the same functions as its Android counterpart.

The new app is only available for iPhone users. Google has not yet made their map app available for iPad users, but it is possible to switch the iPad into iPhone mode and view through that way. This is another update for the future.

Google Maps: Long Awaited and Not Disappointing

Google Maps for the iPhone has been long awaited and it has definitely not disappointed users. The news functions have meant that users gain more for their wait and are receiving something closer to the Android counterpart. Google continue to make developments and listen to customers wants for the mapping software.


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