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Google’s Nexus 7 was released November 13, 2012.

It sold out within minutes, along with two other Google products – the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10.

The new Android 4.2 software was released on the Nexus 7, and is available to install on other Android devices.

The new Jelly Bean has introduced many great features for users and is easy to download and install on your Android devices.

Google Now – How Much Information Will You Allow Google to Have?

The latest addition to the software is the Google Now. What does this mean for you? Information without even asking for it.

Before, you would have to swipe the bottom of the phone or tablet to receive an update on the best restaurants nearby, travel times and delays or hotel reservations. With the newer version of Jelly Bean and Google Now, the updates will be automatic – as long as you give Google Now permission.

Where does all the information go? Straight to your gmail count, but this does mean that Google will have a lot of information about you, which some people are not comfortable with. If that is the case for you, then you will need to deny Google Now’s permissions to send you updating information.

Multiple Profiles on One Device

When it comes to the Nexus 7 and 10 – and any other tablet with Android 4.2 – you will now be able to create multiple profiles. This is perfect for families that share tablets and want to share photos, information and files. The different profiles can have different settings and apps, so it is possible to limit access for children while having maximum access for parents. Personalizing the apps and the background screen are also possible with the new update.

Sharing photos and streaming content has become much easier with Jelly Bean. It is now possible to stream everything to a TV, as long as it is wireless or is HD ready. Now, you can easily watch your downloaded movies from a large TV screen instead of the smaller tablet screen. You enjoy the full action while at home and the whole family will be able to see everything.

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