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All after-Christmas sale electronics are not equal. Image by Kolobsek

Post-Christmas Cheap Electronics: Check the Specs on Sale Computers

You may think you’re getting the best deal ever, because that shiny new tablet computer is only 60$ but are you really getting a good deal?

Before you buy a new computer, always check its performance and capabilities against a comparable model to see where the sales model may be lacking.

Pay particular attention to the operating system (is it an OS you’re familiar with? Are you prepared for the learning curve if it’s something completely new to you, like Windows 8 for example?) and clock speed (should be in GHz, vs. MHz) as well as the RAM and the Hard Drive storage size.

If you’re not sure how much RAM you need, ask a friend with a laptop or tablet that you admire about their device.

Post-Holiday Tech Sales: Can Be Fun But Watch Out

The after-Christmas sales are often even better than Black Friday, but if you’re looking for electronics always be aware of the issues that can come along with purchasing returned items. Maybe it’s just an unwanted gift, which means an extra-cheap treat for you, but maybe that netbook was dropped before it was returned, so always check the warranty and return policy to make sure you can bring it back if it’s not working properly. And don’t get caught up in the ‘But it’s so cheap!’ thrill of buying computers when they’re on super-sale. If it’s not a good computer at full price, it’s still not a good computer at half price. Happy shopping!

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