AAPL: Apple Inc. Shares Downgraded to ‘Neutral’ Amidst Forecasting Concerns


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AAPL shares have been downgraded – what will happen to Apple, Inc.? Screenshot of AAPL on Google Finance by Decoded Science

Mac Tablets, Smartphones, and Personal Computers: Growing Market Competition

A decline in Apple’s roaring success isn’t entirely unexpected. Many analysts have been waiting and expecting a rival to challenge Apple’s thus far relatively comfortable success following the company’s sales boom in the first quarter of 2012.

Having seen sales of iPhones  jump to 37.04 million units (a 128% rise from 2011’s data), Apple was celebrating record sales of both phones, tablets, and Mac personal computers last year.

2013 Apple Expectations

Where will AAPL go from here? A 2012 report drawn up by market experts at Robert W. Baird predicting the mounting success of other rival products predicted that tablet computers would hold the key to breaking Apple’s previously unrivalled stronghold on the market.


Speculation over the ability of Microsoft to overthrow the dominance of iPads in the tablet market has heightened following the release of Windows 8, and will continue to be a consideration in assessing the continued investment potential of AAPL shares.


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