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The FluMist vaccine is another option for some people instead of the traditional flu shot. Photo by: CDC

Flu Symptoms For Jim Rohrich

Jim Rohrich, 49 years old, from Great Falls, Montana did not get the flu shot and became sick with what he believes was the flu for ten days. Although he was not technically diagnosed, Mr. Rohrich describes his experience with the flu.

“The first symptom was a cough.  Then headache and joint pain, chills. The cough was moderately bad.  It started off light, and after 3 or 4 days got much worse.  By the 10th day, the cough was 99% gone.  I didn’t have much of a fever throughout being sick.  Body aches, light headed… those were there after the cough started and were first to go away.”

Donna Chute’s Experience With This Year’s Flu Bug

Donna Chute, 55 years old, is from Canada, but was in California when she got the flu. Donna hasn’t had a flu shot in about 15 years. Ms. Chute became sick with what she also believed was the flu for a solid week; however, the symptoms lingered on for another two weeks. Ms. Chute describes her experience with flu symptoms here.

Ms. Chute’s symptoms came on all at once; “I woke up in the middle of the night and felt sick to my stomach and when I woke up in the morning I was very sick. I had an upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, heart burn, head ache, acidy stomach, sore muscles and was lethargic and tired. The first week I felt horrible. All I wanted to do is sleep and did not feel like doing anything. I stayed in the house all the time. The last 2 weeks I felt better but still did not feel like doing anything or going out.”

This Year’s Flu Symptoms Are Typical, Says Nurse Practitioner

Have you had a typical flu experience this year? If so, you may be in the minority, since this year’s flu strain is producing symptoms that are not out of the normal expected range for influenza. Elise Puffer, a Nurse Practitioner who has diagnosed and treated many patients with the flu this year says, “… symptoms are fairly similar to text book with key symptoms being cough, fever and severe fatigue. As for the the most popular influenza strain; I’ve been seeing about the same amount of A and B.


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